Molkki 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Anjali Fills Prakashi’s Ears Against Purvi. I Told You On Day One That These Sisters Are Bad News. They Have Snatched Our Happiness From Day 1! Our Countdown Has Begun Since The Day That Molkki Came Here. She Created A Rift Between The Brothers And Is Responsible For Vaibhav’s Death!

Purvi Comes To Meet Virender In Jail. Inspector Says You Have 15 Minutes To Talk. Purvi Asks Virender How He Is. He Says It Wasn’t The Right Thing To Do. How Could I Shoot My Younger Brother?

Anjali Says Which Brother Can Shoot His Own Brother. I Admit That Vaibhav Made A Mistake But He Was Ready To Surrender. That Molkki Dint Give Time To Jeth Ji. She Filled His Ears Against Vaibhav And Forced Him To Shoot Vaibhav. You Might Find This Wrong But I Know That That Molkki Wants To Rule This Haveli. She Used Virender As Her Pawn And Made Him Do All This!

Purvi Tells Virender Not To Blame Himself. It Was Your Duty. Have Faith On God. Everything Will Be Fine. Virender Says Nothing Will Be Fixed Now. I Did Want To Punish Him For Behaving Badly With Priyu But I Could Never Hurt Him. How Could I Shoot My Younger Brother Then? Law Might Forgive Me But Ma Wont. She Raised Me, Loved Me And I Killed Her Real Soon. I Only Wanted To Stop Him By Shooting On His Leg. Don’t Know How He Slipped And Ended Up Getting Killed!

Anjali Says Virender Could Have Shot Vaibhav On His Leg But He Dint Do It. Molkki Instigated Him To Do That! Vaibhav Is No More Because Of That Molkki Today!

Purvi Tells Virender Not To Blame Himself. You Dint Do Anything Intentionally. I Am Sure Ma Will Forgive You After Knowing The Truth. Virender Says I Wont Be Able To Forgive Myself Even If Ma Forgives Me.

Prakashi Says I Have Lost 2 Sons Today. God Took One Away From Me And I Am The Unfortunate Mother Of Both Those Sons! You Wont Understand What I Am Going Through So Leave Me Alone! She Screams On Anjali Which Worries Anjali. I Fueled Her Against Molkki But She Wont Understand. Maybe She Has Lost Her Mind. She Has Gone Crazy.

Anjali Is Trying To Feed Manas And Juhi. They Refuse To Eat Without Haathi Or Baba. Anjali Tries To Remain Calm But They Shout That They Will Not Eat From Anyone Else. She Loses Her Cool. Keep Quiet Or I Will Slap You! Let Me Know What You Want To Eat Now. They Refuse. We Want Baba! They Start Shouting. Anjali Is About To Slap Them But Purvi Holds Her Hand Just In Time. Juhi Keeps Her Hand Reassuringly At Manas. Purvi Warns Anjali Not To Hurt Her Kids Or She Will Break Her Hand. I Am Their Mother. You Will See The Worst Of Me If Anyone Tries To Hurt Them! Do You Understand? This Is My Last Warning To You. I Wont Talk Afterwards. Manas Asks About Baba. Anjali Begins To Say He Is In Jail But Purvi Says He Has Gone To Work On A Land In Front Of Jail. He Will Be Back In Some Days. Anjali Looks At Purvi In Shock. Purvi Makes The Kids Smile Again. Anjali And Purvi Exchange A Cold Glance After Which Anjali Leaves. Purvi Feeds The Kids.

Next Morning, Purvi Requests Prakashi To Eat Something Or She Will Fall Ill. I Can Understand Your Pain As I Have Lost My Sister Too. We Lost Vaibhav Ji Too. Trust Me, I Had No Such Intention. I Wanted Him To Be Punished But Not Like This. Don’t Know Why God This But Have Patience If You Have Faith On God. Time Will Fix Everything. Anjali Counters Her. Stop Blaming God As He Hasn’t Done Anything. It Was Your Doing. Vaibhav Lost His Life Because Of You. Purvi Denies But Anjali Tells Her To Stop Shedding Fake Tears. Did You Come Here To Rub Salt To A Mother’s Wounds? You Instigated Virender Against Vaibhav. Virender Shot Vaibhav Because Of You! He Killed His Brother Because Of You! What Kind Of A Woman Are You? Do You Want To Kill Us One By One? Leave! Purvi Leaves With A Heavy Heart. Prakashi Remains Silent All Along.

Purvi Is In Temple. You (Kanha Ji) Know Why I Am Hiding What I Am Hiding. I Even Told Ma To Have Faith As Things Will Be Fine. I Too Should Be Patient Till The Time The Truth Comes Out. Please Keep Us Safe Till The Time The Truth Comes Out In The Open. I Wont Be Able To Forgive Myself For Lying Otherwise.

Family Members Come To Take Vaibhav’s Dead Body. Prakashi Breaks Down. Please Wake Up Son. You Know I Cannot Live Without You. Mama And Purvi Try To Comfort Her But In Vain. Inspector Asks Them To Go Outside. We Must Preserve The Body Before It Decomposes. You Will Be Able To Perform His Last Rites Afterwards Only. Everyone Goes Outside.

The Pyre Has Been Set. Entire Family Is Present There. Police Brings Virender As Well. Anjali Says Jeth Ji Is Here. Virender Touches His Mother’s Feet And Folds His Hands. Forgive Me For Committing This Sin. I Wont Be Able To Look You Into Eye For Life Now. I Stole Your Support Even After Being Your Son. I Had No Intention To Kill Vaibhav. I Was Only Aiming For His Leg But Things Turned Out Differently. It Was A Mistake. Prakashi Keeps Her Hand On His. I Trust You Son. You Wouldn’t Have Done This Intentionally. Maybe This Is Vaibhav’s Punishment. You Were Only The Medium. I Am Not Upset With You. I Am Proud Of You For Punishing A Criminal. You Always Make Me Proud. I Am Not Upset With You. Anjali Fumes. She Seems To Have Lost Her Mind. She Is Supporting The Son Who Killed Her Real Son! Pundit Ji Asks Someone To Step Forward To Perform The Rituals. Prakashi Takes Virender’s Name. He Steps Forward. Anjali Receives A Call Just Then And Goes Outside To Attend It. Purvi Eyes Are Curiously. Anjali Attends The Call. Purvi Wonders What Could Be More Important Than This. Virender Does The Rituals And Lights The Pyre. Purvi Holds Prakashi.

Purvi Comes To Meet Virender In Jail. He Asks Her What She Is Doing Here. She Says I Am Where You Are. He Says It Isn’t Right For You To Come Here At This Hour. She Says You Are My Husband. Why Can’t I Stay Here? Even I Haven’t Eaten Anything Since Morning Like You. He Tells Her To Go Home And Eat Something. She Refuses To Eat Without Him. Offer Me The Roti That’s In Your Plate. He Asks Her If She Has Gone Crazy. She Reasons That She Can Eat It If He Can. Let’s Share It. He Gives In. You Will Remain Bawari. Let’s Sit. She Cleans The Floor For Him. Sit Now. Virender Sits Quietly. Purvi Says My Tau Is Like You Only. He Also Does Not Like Sharing His Food With Anyone. Virender Says That’s Why I Have Been Asking You To Make Me Meet Your Tau. I Will Lock Him For Life. He Wont Leave Me In Prison Too! She Smiles, Picks A Bite, And Feeds Him. He Eats From Her Hand. He Feeds Her As Well.

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