Molkki 24th February 2021 Written Episode

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Virender Says His Evil Deeds Have Only Earned Him One Punishment – Death. His Mother Requests Him Not To Do It. Virender Says He Has Killed Priyu. He Has Crossed His Limits Yet You Are Supporting Him? She Denies. He Has Sinned But That Happened By Mistake. Punish Him But Not This. Virender Calls It Justice. He Will Have To Die As He Has Killed Priyu. No One Can Save Him. Forgive Me, Ma. He Walks Away. Anjali Blames Purvi But Mama Reasons That It Is Vaibhav’s Wrongdoings. He Wouldn’t Have To See This Day If He Had Not Done All That. Prakashi (Prakashi) Says I Will Speak To Virender. Let’s Go To Panchayat. Mama Asks Driver To Bring The Car.

Vaibhav Is Brought To Panchayat. A Noose Has Been Tied There Already. Virender’s Men Take Vaibhav Near The Noose. They Are About To Cover His Face With A Black Cloth When His Mother Tells Virender’s Men To Free Vaibhav. She Requests Virender To Stop His Men. I Agree That A Son Can Turn Evil But How Can A Mother Become Evil? No Mother Can See Her Son Dying In Front Of Her! Punish Him But Don’t Do This. I Wont Be Able To Live This Way. She Cries. Vaibhav Is Trying To Free His Hands. Prakashi Requests Virender (As Mukhiya) To Accept A Mother’s Plea. Virender Apologizes To Her. I Would Have Been Merciful If I Was Only Your Son. I Was Also The Mukhiya Though. You Only Taught Me That Panch Are Gods. Gods Cannot Make A Wrong Decision. I Cannot Change My Decision Either. Vaibhav Is Only A Culprit In My Eyes. I Have To Forget The Relation And Punish Him. Justice Needs To Be Done. I Gave Him So Many Chances Thinking That He Will Change But Things Only Worsened. Vaibhav Continues Untying The Rope. Virender Says He Hurt Priyu And Killed Her. He Has Become A Monster And A Monster Needs To Be Punished. She Requests Him To Spare Vaibhav’s Life But He Insists That This Is His Duty. Prakashi Requests Purvi To Speak To Virender. He Listens To You Always. Purvi Says This Is Mukhi Ji’s Decision. He Isn’t My Husband Right Now. It Is Not In My Hands. She Folds Her Hands Apologetically And Cries.

Virender Tells His Men To Hang Vaibhav. Prakashi Passes Out. Everyone Gets Distracted For A Few Moments. Vaibhav Manages To Flee From There In A Car. Virender And Purvi Follow Him In Another Car. Prakashi Gains Conscious. They Follow The Cars As Well. Prakashi Prays For Vaibhav’s Life. She Tells Yogi To Drive Faster. The Car Chase Continues. Vaibhav Reaches A Dead End And Turns The Car Around Just In Time. Virender And Yogi Stop Their Car As Well. Vaibhav Looks Around. Vaibhav Aims His Gun At Virender To Stop Everyone And Runs Away. Virender Tells Vaibhav To Surrender Or Police Will Kill Him. Inspector Shoots A Bullet In The Air. Vaibhav Stops. His Mother Says Vaibhav Has Stopped. Don’t Do Anything. Vaibhav Comes Face To Face With Virender And Aims His Gun At Virender. I Will Shoot You Before Anything Else. Everyone Tells Him To Keep The Gun Down But He Shouts At Everyone To Be Quiet. He Reprimands His Brother For Trying To Kill His Brother For A Cheap Molkki And Her Sister! Virender Says You Are Not A Brother. You Not Just Killed An Innocent But You Hired Goons To Hurt Your Brother. You Have Never Respected Your Bhabhi Till Date! I Only Have Anger For You! I Did Not Regret Choosing Your Punishment.

Vaibhav Says Even I Don’t Regret What I Did To That Illiterate. She Deserved That As She Had Ruined My Life. You Are Responsible For It. You Forced Me To Marry Her. She Lied To Everyone About The Honeymoon Incident And You Believed Her Lie Over My Truth. I Was Mocked By The Entire Village Because Of You! I Was Even Locked In A Cell! You Saw Everything Quietly As You Never Trusted Your Brother. Virender Says You Broke It The Day You Raped Priyu. What Are You Talking About? Vaibhav Says I Lost Hopes From You Long Ago. You Are Anyways My Step Brother. You Did That Duty Really Well. Everyone Tells Him Not To Say So But Vaibhav Says Today I Will Show You To What Extent A Step Brother Can Go. He Advances Towards Virender. Virender Challenges Him To Shoot. Have You Ever Used A Gun? Vaibhav Steps On A Stone And Loses His Balance. Gun Falls From His Hand. Virender Picks It. He Pushes Vaibhav Behind. Surrender Yourself To Police. Vaibhav Address Purvi As Molkki. Your Sister Is No More. I Have Killed Her! Neither You Nor Your Husband Can Do Anything About It. He Starts Running. Vaibhav Slips While Running. Virender Was Aiming For His Leg But As Vaibhav Slips, The Bullet Hit Him Right In The Chest. Everyone Is Stunned Including Virender. He Drops The Gun In Shock. Yogi, Anjali And Jyoti Rush To His Side. Constable Checks His Breath. He Is No More. Prakashi Is Unable To React. Virender Is Shaken Up.

Ward Boys Take Vaibhav Away. Inspector Tells Virender That He Shot His Brother In Front Of Everyone So They Must Arrest Him. Virender Lifts His Hands. Inspector Handcuffs Him. Purvi Is In Tears. She Requests Inspector Not To Take Him Away. He Wipes Her Tears. You Have To Wipe The Tears Of My Mother Who Is Mourning. Mukhiyayini Must Handle Everything When Mukhi Will Be Away. She Shakes Her Head. He Tells Her To Be Strong Till The Time He Comes Back. Keep Everyone Together And Look After My Kids Well. They Should Not Miss Babbar Sher. Everyone And Everything Is Your Responsibility Now. I Am Only Going To Jail. I Am Not Going To Die. She Covers His Mouth And Cries Hugging Him. Why Did You Do This Kanha Ji? I Don’t Know How And What Will Happen Now. Virender Tells Her Not To Worry. Everything Will Be Fine. This Is Our Test. We Will Clear It. Inspector Asks Him To Come. She Holds His Hand. They Take Virender Away. Prakashi Looks At Virender. Anjali Glares At Him Too. Purvi Runs After The Jeep For A Little While But Virender Gestures Her To Stop. She Falls In The Process. He Panics But Is Helpless. Purvi Cries.

Prakashi Is Thinking About Vaibhav. Anjali Finds An Opportunity To Fill Her Ears Against Virender And Purvi. Don’t Know How You Could Bear This Injustice So Easily? I Cannot Stop Thinking Of How Much Vaibhav Would Have Been In Pain! He Just Got Married And Now He Is No More! I Knew It Beforehand That These Sisters Are Bad News!

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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