Molkki 23rd February 2021 Written Episode

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Purvi Returns Home. Juhi And Manas Tell Her That They Have Been Waiting For Her. We Are Hungry. She Sends Them To Their Room. I Will Make Yummy Food For You Asap. She Notices Vaibhav Enjoying With His Friends. I Am Worried For Priyu Ut He Seems To Be Very Happy. It Is The Right Time To Check His Room. I Might Find Some Clue About Priyu. I Am Sure There Is Something Fishy Here.

Vaibhav Asks His Friends If They Believe Him Now. I Can Fool People Easily. He Gets A Call And Heads To His Room To Get Aadhar Card Number. Purvi Is Searching Vaibhav’s Room. She Finds A Box Behind The Books. She Hears Footsteps Approaching And Hides. Vaibhav Takes Out His Aadhar Card. He Looks At The Bedsheet. Who Messed It Up? I Will Complain To Ma About The Servants. He Gets Call From Mishra Ji And Shares His Aadhar Card Number. Don’t Worry About Money. Arrange My Fake Passport Asap. I Have To Leave From Here. Purvi Wonders Why He Is In A Rush To Leave. She Comes Back Inside When Vaibhav Leaves. She Is Shocked To See Gun In The Box. Something Has Happened Because Of Which He Has Been Acting So Strangely. Even Priyu Is Nowhere To Be Found. I Must Find Out What He Has Done. I Have To Inform Mukhiya Ji As Only He Can Help Me Find Out His Truth.

At Night, Purvi Comes To Her Room But Virender Is Not In The Room. Kids Come In Just Then. We Will Sleep With You Two Tonight. She Wants To Speak To Virender And Tries To Take Them To Their Room But They Refuse. We Have Been Ordered To Sleep Here. Purvi Asks Them Who Did That. They Point At Virender. She Understands That He Is Doing This So She Cannot Speak To Him. Why Are You Dragging This Matter So Much? Virender Thinks I Will Drag It Further. You Called Me Old. Oldies Becomes Crazy. I Have Become Crazy Today. She Wonders What He Thinks Of Himself. Virender Thinks I Am Your Tau’s Age After All. That’s What I Think!

Purvi And Virender Argue As To Where The Kids Will Sleep. Juhi Says You Two Are Fighting Like Parents. Purvi Tells Virender That It Is No Use Talking To Him. He Says Now You Will Understand How I Am. He Tells Kids Purvi’s Story (About A Bawari Who Used To Get Angry Easily).

Next Morning, Purvi Tells Virender’s Mother That She Wont Go To College With Virender Anymore. All The Girls Know How To Drive. I Will Learn It Too. Virender’s Mother Agrees. Purvi Says I Will Ask Driver Kaka To Train Me. Mama Signals His Sister Who Tells Purvi That Virender Will Help Her Learn. Virender Refuses But He Stays Put. Juhi And Manas Request Virender To Agree. Juhi Ends Up Calling Virender Kroor Singh. Everyone Laughs. Virender’s Mother Says This Is A Good Name. Manas Requests His Father Too. Virender Nods. Let Me Eat In Peace Now. It Is Ok If Bawari Wont Eat As She Will Anyways Eat My Head In The Car. Purvi Thinks This Is Just An Excuse. I Have To Speak To You About Priyu. She Thanks Kanha Ji For Helping Her.

Virender Tells Purvi To Follow His Instructions. She Starts Her Practice But Then Applies Brake Suddenly. Virender Says I Told You To Do It Slow. You Cannot Drive A Car! She Says I Wont Repeat It. Please Go Easy On Me. He Tells Her To Focus On The Road. She Is Driving Nicely But Panics When A Speeding Car Approaches. He Holds The Steering For Her. Purvi Apologizes To Him. Virender Says You Will Only Keep Saying Sorry All The Time. She Says I Am Afraid I Might Get Into An Accident. He Notices Her Tensed And Switches On Music. Virender Asks Her To Change The Gear. She Gets Stuck On Neutral So He Keeps His Hand Over Hers To Change Gear. They Share An Eye Lock. A Truck Comes In Front Suddenly And They Swerve The Car Around. They Hit A Corner. Villagers Peek Inside. Virender Tells Them That They Are Fine. He Next Turns To Purvi. I Cannot Teach You How To Drive. I Can Do Anything But Not This! Can You Not See The Bush? She Says You Held My Hand Suddenly So I Got Distracted. He Says I Did That To Help You Change The Gear. I Don’t Enjoy Holding Hands Of Young Girls. Purvi Asks Him Why He Is Stuck On That. I Agree That I Made A Mistake. I Have To Discuss Something Important As Well. He Says We Need To Send The Car For Repair. He Asks Surender To Bring The Car Asap.

Surrender Tells Virender That The Car Will Take A Day. Virender Agrees. Drop It At Home Once Done. Surender Nods. Purvi Notices Vaibhav’s Car There. Virender Asks Her What She Is Looking At. She Points At The Car. Virender Asks Surender About The Car. Surender Says It Met With An Accident And Will Take Time To Repair. He Gives Him What Was Left In The Car. Virender Wonders How Vaibhav Is Unscathed. Surender Gives Priyu’s Chain To Virender. Purvi Recognizes It. I Am Sure Something Is Wrong. He Assures Her That She Will Be Fine. Purvi Says This Is What I Have Been Trying To Tell You But You Are Upset With Me. You Should Listen To Others Sometimes. He Tells Her To Go Ahead. She Tells Him Everything (In Mute). Why Is Priyu’s Chain In Vaibhav’s Car If He Took Priyu In His Friend’s Car? She Notices Sudha There And Asks Her If Everything Is Fine. Sudha Introduces Her To Aayushi. She Saw Something 4 Days Ago. Aayushi Shares That Vaibhav And Priyu Were In The Car. Priyu Was Shouting For Help And Vaibhav Covered Her Mouth. Priyu Says I Told You That Vaibhav Was Lying. I Am Worried For Priyu. Virender Assures Her That He Will Make Vaibhav Confess Everything Now. They Head Home.

Vaibhav Receives A Call From His Friend. Thanks Bro. I Could Get A Fake Passport Because Of You. I Will Reach Delhi In 2 Hours And Thereafter I Will Leave The Country!
Virender Tells Purvi To Call Ma And Put It On Speaker. Virender Speaks To His Mother. Keep Vaibhav At Home Only. Virender’s Mother Shares That He Left 10-12 Minutes Ago. Is Everything Fine? Virender Nods. Purvi Wonders How They Will Nab Him And Find Out About Priyu. Virender Decides To Catch Him On His Way To Delhi Airport. I Wont Spare Him.

Vaibhav Tells The Driver To Drive Fast. Driver Says We Might Get Into An Accident. Vaibhav Tells Him To Stop His Nonsense.
Virender’s Car Gets Stuck Because Of Sheep. He Tells The Shepherd To Move Them Aside.Vaibhav Ignores His Mother’s Call.Purvi Prays That Vaibhav Should Not Get To Go Away.Vaibhav Speaks To His Mother The Second Time.

Purvi Notices A Car Approaching There And Wonders If Vaibhav Is Inside. Virender Stops His Car In Front Of That One. Vaibhav Scolds The Driver But Driver Points At Virender’s Car. Virender Confronts Vaibhav. Vaibhav Lies Again But Gets Slapped. Purvi Requests Vaibhav To Tell Them The Truth. We Found This Chain In Your Car. Vaibhav Insists That She Is In Haridwar. I Dropped Her Home Myself. He Tries To Run But Virender’s Men Don’t Let Him Leave. Virender Slaps Him Again. I Wont Let You Even Move From Here Till The Time You Tell Me The Truth. Vaibhav Apologizes To Him. I Lied To Him But It Wasn’t Intentional. We Met With An Accident And! Purvi Asks Him About Priyu. Virender Tells Vaibhav To Come Clean Now. Vaibhav Tells Them The Truth. Sudha Holds Purvi. Vaibhav Folds His Hand. Priyu Might Still Be Alive. I Searched The Entire Jungle But I Couldn’t Find Her Body. Virender Instructs His Men To Lock Vaibhav In A Room. He Should Not Be Able To Run Now. Virender’s Men Take Him Away.

Virender Assures Purvi That Priyu Will Be Fine. Maybe A Tribal Found Her And Took Her In. She Folds Her Hands And Requests Him To Find Priyu. He Tells Her Not To Do That. She Was Your Sister And I Did Her Kanyadaan. We Will Find Her. He Informs Police. Purvi Is In Tears.

Search Party Is Sent To The Jungle. Purvi, Virender And Sudha Have Come Along. Purvi Is Feeling Dizzy. Sudha Holds Her. Virender Gives Her Water. Inspector Tells Them That They Have Not Been Able To Find Priyu. There Are Wild Animals Here. Maybe One Of Them Ate Her. Purvi Passes Out. They Sprinkle Water On Her.

Purvi Wakes Up With A Start In Her Room And Starts Crying. Kids Ask Her If She Is Fine. Virender’s Mother Comforts Her. Purvi Keeps Speaking About Priyu. Kids Go Outside Reluctantly When Virender Assures Them That He Will Look After Haathi. Everyone Leaves. Virender Sits Next To Purvi Who Wont Stop Crying. He Pats Her Head. She Holds His Hand. You Promised Me That You Wont Let Anything Happen To Her. Where Is She, Mukhi Ji? He Says Don’t Call Me That Now. I Promised To Protect You But I Dint Know That My Brother Will Turn Out To Be A Monster. I Couldn’t Protect Her. Please Forgive Me. I Promise You I Wont Spare Him. Rewari’s Panchayat Will Punish Him. As Mukhiya, I Am Telling You Now That He Will Eb Hanged Till Death. I Wont Forgive Him For What He Has Done To Priyu. Anjali Has Overheard It And Gets Tensed.

Anjali Goes To Give Water To Vaibhav. He Looks Freaked Out. Anjali Tells Him What Virender Has Decided. He Drops The Glass In Shock. Anjali Says Tomorrow Will Be The Last Day Of Your Life. She Leaves. Vaibhav Takes Out The Gun.

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