Molkki 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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Purvi Requests Virender To Speak To Her Till The Time The Door Opens. You Hava Been Ignoring Me Since Morning. He Refuses But She Insists. It Was A Mistake. I Shouldn’t Have Done All That But You Know That I Was Inebriated Last Night. You Trusted Me So Much But I! People Make Mistakes Sometimes. He Thinks Of All That She Had Said Yesterday. It Wasn’t A Mistake But Your Emotions. She Denies. I Drank A Glass Of Juice In The Party And I Felt Dizzy Afterwards. I Think Someone Had Mixed Something In It. Virender Says Looks Like We Both Are On Different Pages And We Are Mixing It. She Asks Him If He Is Not Upset With Her Over The Fact That She Was Drunk. He Asks Her If She Does Not Remember Anything. Purvi Denies. Sudha Told Me How You Saved Me Yesterday. I Wanted To Apologize And Thank You For The Same. He Asks Her If She Does Not Remember Anything Else. She Shakes Her Head. Did I Do Or Say Something? Please Tell Me.

Virender Tells Her To Let It Be But She Asks Him To Look Her In Her Eyes And Tell Her The Truth. He Avoids Looking At Her But Tells Her That She Had Shared Her Feelings With Him Last Night. You Said I Love You To Me And Even Sang A Song. Purvi Is Taken Aback. Virender Says This Is What I Was Saying. You Told Me How You Felt About Me. Purvi Starts Laughing Which Confuses Virender. Everyone Was Proposing Someone Or The Other Around Me. Plus, I Was Inebriated. You Are Elder To Me. I Respect You A Lot But I Cannot Think Of Doing Any Such Thing. You Are My Husband. Your Reputation Matters A Lot To Me. It Isn’t Necessary That Your Husband Is Always The One Who You Love. I Will Love Someone Who Is My Age, Not Of My Tau Ji’s Age. Virender Thanks Her For Clearing Things. He Stands In A Corner By Himself. Purvi Looks At Him Sadly. She Goes In Another Corner. Virender Thinks Of What Purvi Words.

Purvi Notices Vaibhav Hiding His Car In The Garage Stealthily And Gets Curious. She Notices The Dent In The Trunk And Gets Thinking. Kids Come Upstairs. They Ask Purvi And Virender If They Are Friends Now. It Was Our Idea To Lock You Two Here. Virender Says Yes. We Are Friends Now And We Will Always Remain Friends Only. He Leaves. Purvi Gets Sad.

Vaibhav Is Headed To His Room When Purvi Stops Him. I Saw You Hiding Your Car In The Garage. What Will You Use Tomorrow Then? Why Have You Covered It? He Lies That He Had A Small Accident And The Car Needs To Be Repaired Now. She Asks Him How He Dropped Priyu Home Then. He Says With A Friend’s Car And Excuses Himself. Purvi Is Not Convinced. I Will Check The Car Myself.

Purvi Checks The Damage. This Does Not Look Like A Minor Accident. She Gets Inside From The Backdoor And Starts Searching The Car. She Finds Priyu’s Diary. The Last Note Shocks Her – I Think Vaibhav Will Kill Me Sooner Or Later. He Is No Less Than A Monster. I Think He Has A Plan In His Mind Already. He Can Kill Me Any Day. She Calls Her Chachi To Confirm About Priyu’s Whereabouts. She Lies To Purvi As Well. Mahesh Gives Her Money. Lie To Purvi If She Calls You Again. Vaibhav Will Send More Money For You. They Both Laugh.

Next Morning, Purvi Brings Tea For Virender While He Is Getting Ready. Where Are You Off To At This Hour? The Button Has Broken. Let Me Fix It. He Refuses And Changes His Kurta. She Realizes He Is Still Upset With Her For Last Night. How To Tell Him What I Saw? She Tries To Speak To Him But He Is Not In A Mood To Speak To Her. She Hides His Shoes. He Keeps Looking For It. She Shows The Shoes To Him. Are You Looking For These? He Tells Her To Give Them To Her. I Don’t Have Time. She Asks Him If He Does Not Have Time For His Wife. He Replies That He Cannot Spend All His Time With His Wife All Day And Have Fun. I Will Do It With People My Age Just Like You Should Do It With People Your Age. You Mocked Me Yesterday. She Says I Had No Intention To Hurt You. He Repeats Her Words. I Am Your Tau’s Age And You Cannot Fall In Love With Me. Why Are You Acting Like A Young Lover With Me Then? Let This Oldie Be With Oldie. Everyone In Your College Now Knows That You Are Mukhiyayini. You Can Go With The Driver Now. It Isn’t Important For Me To Drop You Off Or Pick You Up Every Day Now. He Leaves. She Thinks How To Tell Him About Vaibhav When He Is So Upset With Her. I Will Make Vaibhav Confess Everything.

Purvi Asks Vaibhav What He Has Done To Priyu. He Acts Innocent. I Have Dropped Her To Your Home. She Is Right There. She Tells Him To Stop Playing Games With Her. He Insists He Isn’t Lying But She Shows Priyu’s Diary To Him. Why Has She Written That You Will Kill Her? Your Face Just Lost Its Color! Tell Me Where She Is. Vaibhav Says That Might Have Been Written Earlier When Things Were Not Good Between Us. People Make Mistakes. I Have Made Some Too And Now I Am Trying To Rectify Them. I Love Her With All My Heart. Trust Me. Kids Ask Haathi To Come. We Are Getting Late. You Too Have To Go To College. Purvi Leaves For Now But Decides To Confront Vaibhav Again Once She Returns From College.

Purvi Goes With The Kids. She Drops Them To School And Is On Her Way To College When She Notices A Couple Going On A Bicycle. She Smiles. Flashback Shows Purvi Asking Virender To Stop For A Gola. Virender Watches Her Cutely. She Asks Him To Try It. He Refuses But Then Tries It For Her Sake. She Asks Him How It Is. He Nods And Cleans The Color From Her Chin. Flashback Ends. Purvi Smiles. On The Other Hand, Virender Also Notices A Couple Going On The Bicycle. Another Flashback Shows Where Purvi Had Stopped Virender So She Could Drink Water From Handpump. He Had Pumped Water For Her And They Both Smile At Each Other Sweetly. They Both Splash Water On Each Other. Flashback Ends. Virender Has A Smile On His Face. A Guy Tells Virender To Focus. Virender Tells Himself To Get A Grip On His Emotions. Bawari Told Me That I Am Her Tau’s Age. She Cannot Love Me! Get Back On The Track Now.

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