Molkki 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Virender And Purvi Share An Eye Lock. She Starts Laughing. I Wont Go Anywhere. I Will Sit Right Here. You Neither Brought A Red Rose Nor A Card For Me. I Dint Even Get A Red Balloon. You Indeed Are Krur Singh. He Promises To Decorate The Room With Red Balloons Tomorrow. Get Up Now. She Refuses. Sit Down With Me. Virender Picks Her Up On His Shoulders. She Calls Him Khadoos, Krur Singh And Enemy Of Love. I Want Rose Right Away. He Makes Her Sit In The Backseat But She Steps Out From The Opposite Side. She Refuses To Go Anywhere Till He Brings Those Things For Her. She Heads Back Inside But He Stops Her. I Will Bring A Rose For You. Stay Right Here. He Picks A Balloon And Bouquet For Her. Let’s Go Home Now. She Says Main Kya Karun Ram Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya. He Says You Are Drunk Right Now Or I Would Have Told You Who Is Young And Who Is Old. She Smiles. What Is So Special Today? Do You Know Anything About Valentine Day? He Asks Her What She Is Saying In English. She Explains To Him. Admit Your Love. That’s What Every Lover Does Today. He Asks Her To Come Home Now. It Is Enough. I Am Not Able To Understand Anything. Purvi Sits On Her Knee And Holds The Bouquet For Him. Pyaare, Akdu Mukhiya Ji, This Is For You. She Nods At Him Reassuringly. He Holds Her Hand As She Starts Feeling Sleepy. He Holds Her Close. She Says I Love You To Him In His Ears. Virender Becomes Serious. Purvi Rests Her Head On His Shoulder.

Next Morning, Purvi Is Sleeping On The Bed While Virender Is Sleeping On The Floor. Purvi Wakes Up. Who Dropped Me Home? It Must Be Sudha. I Cannot Recall Anything. Why Is Mukhi Ji Sleeping On The Floor When I Got His Mattress Here? She Opens The Curtains But It Is Too Bright Outside. Virender Shifts A Little. Purvi Stands In The Way Of The Light. He Looks So Sweet While Sleeping. She Walks Up To Him And Teases Him By Playing Hide And Seek With The Light. Virender Wakes Up. He Is Startled To See Her And Sits Up. She Asks Him Why He Slept On The Floor. He Lies That He Experienced Pain In The Middle Of The Night. Your Mattress Is Useless. She Says This Was Fine Few Days Ago. What Happened Suddenly? He Recalls What She Had Said To Him The Other Night And Dismisses The Topic Somehow. You Say Anything That Comes To Your Mind. Let It Be. He Goes. Purvi Thinks I Made A Mistake By Waking Him Up. He Was Roaring At Me In The Morning.

Purvi Is Going To Check On The Kids When She Overhears That Vaibhav Is Looking For His Passport. She Wonders If He Is Trying To Get Rid Of Priyu. Virender’s Mother Asks Purvi To Help Them Find Vaibhav’s Passport. Purvi Asks Vaibhav Why He Needs It Suddenly. He Lies That He Is Trying To Start A New Business And Needs To Submit It With The Docs. Virender’s Mother Goes To Check In Her Cupboard And Vaibhav Goes To Check In The Car. Kids Come To Meet Purvi. She Asks Them To Help Her Find Vaibhav’s Passport. They Are Not Able To Find It Either. Purvi Notices Blood On Manas’s Finger. How Did This Happen? She Sends The Kids Downstairs And Looks Under The Bed. She Finds Blood Marks Underneath. Vaibhav Walks In. She Asks Him How This Came Here. He Feigns Ignorance. She Tells Him To Come Clean With Her. Whose Blood Is This? Vaibhav’s Mother Comes Back. It Isn’t In My Room Either. You Must Have Misplaced It. She Notices Blood On Purvi’s Hand. Purvi Tells Her. Her MIL Says A Rat Must Have Died. Go And Give Tea To Virender. Vaibhav And Purvi Look At Each Other. Purvi Leaves.

Virender Sits In The Car. He Finds The Bouquet On The Backseat And Recalls What Happened Last Night. Purvi Comes To Call Him For Breakfast But Virender Asks The Driver To Drive. Purvi Wonders Why He Is Behaving So Strangely. He Dint Even Speak To Me Properly And Dint Even Offer To Drop Me To College Today.

Purvi Reaches College. All The Students Are Looking At Her Strangely. Karan Walks Past Her And Tells Her That She Survived Yesterday But She Wont Be Able To Survive Today. Purvi Asks Sudha What Happened Last Night. I Don’t Remember Anything. Sudha Tells Her. Purvi Realises Why Virender Was Behaving So Strangely. Sudha Says I Think It Was Karan’s Plan. He Must Be Behind It. Purvi Decides To Teach Him A Lesson. Go To Class. I Will Come Soon. Sudha Nods.

Virender Asks Driver To Drive Fast. Driver Asks Him Where They Are Off To. Virender Says Just Drive Around. We Aren’t Going Anywhere In Particular. Driver Nods. Virender Thinks What Bawari Said Wasn’t Right. I Might Have Pampered Her A Lot And Gave Her A Few Rights On Me. It Doesn’t Mean That I Have Started Loving Her. She Might Have Felt That For Some Reason. It Isn’t Right. She Is Mistaken If She Thinks That I Love Her. I Have Only Loved Sakshi Till Date. No One Can Take Her Place.

Purvi Greets Karan Good Morning. Karan Asks Her If She Isn’t Happy With What Happened In The Past Few Days. Do You Want Us To Insult You More? She Speaks Of Starting Afresh. I Am Sorry For What Happned In The Past Few Days. You Were Only Ragging Me As A Senior. Karan Says I Forgive You. She Asks Him To Have Juice With Her. I Will Then Think That You Have Forgiven Me. Karan Agrees. Let’s Go. She Brings It For Him And Pours The Juice All Over Him. He Asks Her If She Has Lost Her Mind. She Says I Hope You Enjoyed It. Karan Vows To Take Revenge. She Tells Him To Do Whatever He Wants To Later. Go And Change Your Clothes First. They Will Be Stained Like Your Heart Otherwise. He Walks Away In A Huff. Few Students Mock Him. Purvi Closes The Bathroom Door As Soon As He Goes Inside And Keeps A Work In Progress Board Outside. Stay There All Day Now. You Got Exactly What You Had Done To Me.

Purvi Is Trying To Feed The Kids But They Are Acting Naughty. They Start A Pillow Fight. Virender Watches Them From The Door. Manas Asks Him To Join Them But Virender Denies. I Have Some Work. Purvi Thinks To Pacify Him. I Might Have Said Something Stupid While I Was Drunk. She Tells The Kids To Play And Eat Sandwich. I Think Babbar Sher Is Upset With Me. I Must Speak To Him. Kids Nod But Wonder Why Babbar Sher Is Upset With Haathi.

Purvi Tries To Speak To Virender But He Walks Away By Citing An Excuse. Kids Notice It. Purvi Brings Tea For Virender But He Says He Does Not Want It And Leaves. Kids Notice This As Well. Virender’s Mother Tells Virender To Have Medicine On Time. Purvi Brings Juice For Him But He Refuses To Drink It. He Walks Away Again. Virender’s Mother Asks Purvi If They Had A Fight. It Is Normal Though. He Will Be Fine. She Goes. Purvi Wonders How To Pacify Krur Singh. Kids Decide To Do Something To Make Them Talk To Each Other.

Virender Thinks Bawari Is After Me. How Do I Tell Her That I Feel Strange Since She Admitted Her Love To Me? I Cannot Even Look Her In The Eye Since Then. He Notices The Terrace Door And Decides To Go Upstairs. She Wont Come There. Kids Notice Him Going Upstairs And Send Purvi Upstairs On The Pretext Of Bringing Something For Them. They High Five. Kids Lock The Door From Outside. Juhi Tells Manas She Saw It In A Movie That Two People Who Have Problems Are Locked In A Room. They End Up Talking And Sorting Out Their Differences This Way.

Virender Thinks I Feel As If A Storm Is About To Come. There Is A Storm Inside Me As Well. Purvi Notices Him There And Makes A Noise Intentionally. Virender Wonders Why She Is Chasing Him. Why Can’t She Leave Me Alone? Purvi Thinks To Speak To Him Later When He Will Calm Down. She Tries Going Downstairs But The Door Is Locked. She Calls For Help. Virender Asks Her What Happened. Purvi Shares That Someone Locked The Door By Mistake. Virender Asks Her What Happened. She Keeps Shouting For Help. Purvi Thinks This Is Kanha Ji’s Plan To Make Her Speak To Virender.

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